Friday, March 28, 2008

I am the first post

Ben here. Since Stephanie is taking too long to post anything, I decided to post something. So we went to Disneyland last week with Stephanie's family. Zac loved it and told me after our first day "we should live here." He went on most of the rides including many I thought would be too scary (the matterhorn and the toontown rollercoaster for example). However, he was freaked out about some of the attractions, most notably the "Tiki Room," which I have to admit was a little strange with all the singing birds, flowers, and wooden men. Kylee was a trooper (she is generally pretty laid-back as long as she has lots of milk in her gut) other than the fact that she blew out her diaper every day we were there. As for me, I enjoyed eating churros several times a day and scaring zac by singing the Tiki Room song. Despite Zac's screams, I also enjoyed the fireworks. My only regret is that we were unable to get Reebs (Steph's mom) to go on the Tower of Terror. That would have been good.