Friday, September 26, 2008

Zachery turns 3

Zac turned 3 on September 19th. I can't believe I have a 3 year old. We went to Chucke Cheese on his actual birthday and then opened presents at home. On Saturday we had his big birthday party with all his little friends. One of Zac's favorite presents was a set of Knights that Grandma and Grandpa Volmer gave him. He had to sleep with one and the helmet kept falling off, so Zac would come out of his room and tell me I needed to find the helmet again.

Kylee enjoyed the opening of presents as much as Zac did. Maybe for her first birthday i'll just give her a big wad of wrapping paper.
The coon skin hat must have been picked out by Grandpa Volmer.
Ben and I gave Zac this riding horse and he has to wear his cowboy boots and hat whenever he rides it.
We had Zac's party at the Vivaldi park in Henderson. My mom and Dad came down for it. My mom helped me out a lot getting ready for the party. Thanks mom. I couldn't have done it without you.
Zac put stickers all over his arms and legs. That was a first. He usually wants one sticker on his hand for like one minute.

Zac is really into bugs right now, so I did a bug themed birthday party. I got the idea for the cake off the internet. I thought it turned out really cute. Once again it probably wouldn't have worked out so good if my mom hadn't helped me. Zac just wanted to rip the bugs off the second it was finished so he could play with them. Each kid got a bag filled with snakes, frogs, spiders, etc... and bug candies. I'm sure the little girls loved that.
I made little dirt (pudding) cups with gummy worms in them for all the kids. This picture only has a few of the kids in it. There were 17 kids at Zac's party, but of coarse it's impossible to get that many 2 and 3 year olds to sit down at the same time.
This is a terrible picture of me, but Zac looks cute blowing out his candles. They actually wouldn't stay lit becasue it was too windy. Every year on Zac's birthday it has been super windy.

Colton gave Zac these Camo PJ's. I'm sure Ben's brother Dave would approve.

After Zac's party was over we went and ate at Pei Wei and Zac insisted on wearing his new goggles.
My Mom and Dad gave Zac a new bike and he really loves it. He can pedal, but he can't steer yet, so he doesn't ride it for very long. He wants to practice every day though.
What a present!!!
Zac wanted Andrew to help him open his presents.
This was the first present Zac opened. It was a bug vacuum. He was so excited about it that he didn't want to open any more presents. That's why Andrew had to help.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell with my family this last weekend. It was a total blast. We hadn't seen my brothers Colton and Jordan and Jordan's wife Jamie for 5 months, so it was really fun to see them. We stayed in a hotel in Page and docked on Wahweap. We wakeboarded, kneeboarded, banana tubed, cliff jumped, ate lots of food and played in the sand. I can't wait to go again and hopefully stay longer.
Lake Powell is so beautiful!!!
Kylee isn't too sure about the cold water.
Ben caught a lizard and Zac was totally extatic!! Did I mention Zac LOVES bugs and snakes and all those gross critters. The lizard is on Ben's hand, but you can barely see it.
I took this picture the las day we were there and Zac could barely keep his eyes open.

Me, Ben and Jordan jumped off some pretty high cliffs. It was fun acting like a crazy teenager again.

Colton caught a lizard too, but it decided to crawl on his back.
Zac tried to catch a lizard, but he's a little too slow.
Kylee pretty much wanted to sleep a lot. My mom made a great makeshift bed on the boat.

I guess Kylee likes the water and mud afterall.
The famous Banana tube. Zac had to ride right next to his Nanny. He's pretty much hooked to my mom's hip when she is around.
Al pretty much wanted to nap the whole time too. Isn't that sweet.
Ben and I are getting hammered by the banana tube. I actually hate that thing.
Colton, Ben, Dad, Jordan, Jamie, Kylee, Jenna, Jay and Jared hanging on the beach.

What a stud.
Of coarse we built sand castles.
Zac played on that thing with gramps for hours.
Ben tries to re-live the day when he used to jump and flip like a maniac. He did 2 runs and was totally burned out. He said that was his inspiration to start working out again. I actually rode the wakeboard too and even got a few good jumps, but of coarse no one took a picture of me becasue i'm the only one who ever takes pictures.
Kylee absolutely loves the sand. She doesn't even put it in her mouth.

Zac and Nanny had a blast playing in the H20. Jenna and Kylee playing in the sand.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swim Party

We had a barbeque/pool party last night with some friends. It was lots of fun.
Kylee loves the pool. Zac does too, but I couldn't get him to cooperate for pictures.
Our friends Teri and Jason and their kids Andrew and Olivia
Brad and Sarah and their little boy Benjamin.

Both Zac and Kylee love to jump into the pool.

Kylee Officially Crawls!

Imminent and immediate destruction.
Zac thinks it's pretty cool.