Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We had a great christmas this year at my parents house. The whole family was there and it got a little crazy between our kids and Wyatt running around. I ate way too much and sat around way too much, but it was nice to not have anywhere to be. I love christmas time and i'm sad it's all over for another year. Hopefully we can keep the christmas spirit around for the whole year!

Zac and Kylee slept in my mom's room on the floor. They watched movies on her bed every night.

This was Wyatt's christmas present, but I think it was Kylee's favorite thing and she pretty much dominated it while we were there.

Zac got a lot of stuff, but his two favorite things were his remote control Big Foot that he got from Santa and his Nintendo DS that he got from Nanny.

Kylee loved her Vanity that she got from Nanny. Everything else was just an afterthought. She doesn't really play with toys, so all the dolls and things that she got will probably just sit on her shelf while she prances around in her foofoo dress and her princess shoes.

Adam really is good at "Keeping it Cool"

We had a christmas eve party at my uncle Kay's house. The kids had a blast. We ate pizza and lots of yummy deserts, then the kids performed a Nativity scene (Zac was a shepherd and Kylee was an angel, but she took her costume off before I could get a picture). We played some games and sang christmas songs and the kids took turns singing their own songs (Zac sang his favorite halloween song "In the Graveyard" and Kylee sang a silly here comes santa song with Angie). We also went to my grandma Roxey's for a while that night.

I don't remember what song they were singing here, but it was really cute.

Zac didn't have snow clothes that fit him. I think he looked like the kid in "A Christmas Story"

The kids loved playing in the snow. Too bad we missed both the good snow storms. When we were there the snow was too hard to build a snowman with. They had plenty of fun in it though.