Saturday, May 23, 2009

Utah trip

We went up to Utah for my cousin's wedding. It was going to be a quick weekend trip, but we ended up staying the whole week because Ben's parents were coming to Utah too. This was Kylee's first time on the riding mower and she quite liked it.

I am so glad I stayed longer because I ran into my long lost friend Lynn. We were best friends all growing up, but she moved away in 8th grade and we lost touch. This is her little girl Alyssa. She is so cute. Lynn looks so good too and seems so happy. It was so good to see her again after all these years. I should have taken a picture of her too.

My mom fixed Kylee's hair (i'm totally retarted at fixing her hair) and it looked so cute, so I had to take a picture.

We went to Mindy's house to see Ben's parents. They were having a baby shower for Kiera that day too, so I got to join in on the festivities.

Ben's mom and Mindy bought twinner dresses, shoes and hats for Kyla and Kylee. They looked so cute together.

3 generations of Volmers. How sweet. Ben's dad is doing much better now after a 3 month battle at the Huntsman Cancer Center. We went on a walk up Provo Canyon and it was so pretty. Zac thought we were in the jungle. You know you live in the desert when your kid thinks utah is the jungle.

The river was really high and moving really fast. We saw some kayakers and it looked so fun. I think I would like to try that sometime.

Me, Zac and Kylee at Bridal Veil Falls. You can't see too good, but I cut my hair off. It doesn't even touch my shoulders now. I was a little nervous to do it, but I like it and it will be so nice for the summer.
It was good to be at my house for a week and spend time with my mom. I am also glad that we were able to see Ben's parents.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I only had to use a little bribery to get Zac to sing on camera. We love you Mom and hope you have a great birthday.

Angels game and the Beach

We went on a spontaneous trip to California last weekend because Ben wanted to see the Angels play the Mariners (he is a Mariners fan, but the Angels are his second favorite team). The highlight of the trip for Zac was his critter finding adventures. He caught 7 snails and a crab.

We went to downtown disney just to walk around. Zac loved the little lego table.

The weather was beautiful at the beach. Kylee loved digging into the sand and putting it in her mouth of coarse.

She found this frisbee and would not put it down. She kept putting sand all over in it and then dumping it out.

We went to Salt Creek Beach which usually has a great place for tide pools, but the waves were so big that Ben didn't want to take Zac out there, so they went on a lizard hunt instead.

This beach reminded me of the Oregan Coast.

Zac actually took this picture of us. He is a regular photographer now I guess. As you can see Kylee wasn't really into the game. For the first half she wanted to walk up and down the stairs and for the last half she fell asleep on Ben.

She was really into the cotton candy.

Zac enjoyed the game for the most part, but he was more excited about the cotton candy and the fireworks at the end (he used to be deathly affraid of fireworks, so that was a shocker). I love fireworks, so that was my favorite part, but I also love going to baseball games.

We had pretty good seats and the mariners won, so Ben was happy.

It was good to get away for a weekend and relax. I'm sure we'll be dieing to go to Cali. more this summer when it's blazing hot around here.