Friday, July 16, 2010

Adam's Baby Blessing

Adam was blessed on July 11,2010. Ben's parents flew in from Washington and spent the weekend with us which was nice and most of my family was able to come down also.

Our family is getting bigger!

Isn't he cute?

The poor little guy gets a little too much love from Zac and Kylee sometimes

Grandma Roxey. I'm so glad she was able to come.

Kylee wanted to sit on Diane's lap and sing songs the whole time they were here.

Reading with grandma is always fun

We ate at Kings Fish House and they brought out a live lobster for the kids to touch.

Zac and Wyatt in their twinner outfits

Zac and Kylee had a water fight with my mom and she got the worst end of it. Her pants were soaked.

Eating cupcakes after the blessing. I think Kylee enjoyed her cupcake the most.

Mom and Wyatt

Bonnie and Adam. She gave Adam a cute stuffed animal and some more clothes in honor of his blessing. She is so good to my kids and they love her.

Teri will be holding one of her own in a few months.

Jared (the Iranian..haha..) looks good with a baby in his arms

The girls (Jamie, Me, Nanny, Kylee, Jenna, Ashley and Zac sortof). I'm glad that my sis in laws came since their husbands are down in Texas.

Me and Adam

Now that is quite a crew

Some of my family

I kept telling Diane I wanted to hire her to hold Adam all night so I could get some sleep. I was only half kidding.

Zac kept yelling right in Carl's ear, so he ended up in a headlock.

We had such a nice time and are so grateful for all of the family support at the blessing. Ben did a wonderful job and Adam was so good through the whole thing.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pics of the kids at my mom's...

Helping Jenna open presents

Grandma Roxey and baby adam

Playing at Tammy's house. I attempted to take all 3 kids to Tammy's house in Levan, which is 45 minutes away from my mom's house. They did good in the car, but Kylee got hurt on the trampoline and was crying so much that she pead her pants. Then Zac had to go to the bathroom so bad that he pead his pants as soon as we pulled up to my mom's house. It was quite an eventful trip. I had fun though seeing Ricki and Joe and Tammy's family.

Warming up after swimming in the little pool and playing on the slip n slide.

Wyatt got to lay in bed with Zac and Kylee just long enough for a picture.

Wyatt is soooo cute.

Kylee sleeping on my mom's bed.

Adam with Stacey's twins Collin and Caleb. (Sorry Stacey, but I still don't know which on is which.) They are about 3 weeks apart.

Swimming at the house in St. George

Adam is about 2 weeks old here

Adam at 1 week!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jenna's wedding

My sister Jenna got married on June 19th in the Manti temple. Adam was just 2 weeks old, but we made it up there and had a great time. The wedding ceremony at the Temple was wonderful and the reception at my parent's house was beautiful. The weather was perfect (no wind like at my reception). I felt like I was at my wedding all over again because Jenna wore my dress and had the same colors, flowers, cake and vases as me.

Kylee loved the whole wedding dress thing.

Zac and Wyatt had the same outfit, but I never got a picture of them wearing it together.

Me and Jenna

Jenna holding baby Adam.

Kylee loved her foofoo dress.

What a handsome little guy. He actually thought it was fun to wear a tux. Ben acted like it was the end of the world.

Playing in the sand pile probably wasn't the best idea in this dress, but it made a cute picture.

Jenna and Jay got each other pretty good with cake.