Saturday, February 27, 2010


I asked Zac and Kylee to clean up her room so I could vacuum and this is what I got. At least they tried right???

Ben loves to wake Kylee up at night and put her in our bed for a little while. It is the only time that she will actually lay there with us.

Zac has finally mastered the art of climbing up these things and getting to the slides that way. Andrew has been doing it for years.

Doesn't that make your mouth melt!!!

We had a Valentine party at the park and there were lots of kids there. Zac and Kylee got and ate way too much candy and treats.

Kylee is making a Valentine that she later ripped apart. She rips apart everything she makes. I think she had some anger management issues.

Kylee is in potty training mode, so she sports her underwear a lot. She is not nearly as easy to train as Zac was. She does okay with #1, but she poops in her pants almost everyday. She probably wasn't quite ready yet, but i'm not backing off now.

Jared had a preformance of 6 different songs in different languages that he did for his senior project. He did a really great job!

Wyatt was blessed in the same outfit that Jordan was blessed in as a baby. He was so quiet during the whole blessing and Jordan did a wonderful job. The only person making noise in the whole building was Kylee of coarse.

She really loves babies. Too much sometimes, so we have to watch her like a hawk.

Lizzy, Kylee, Zac and Brandon (Jamie's nephew) had a blast playing together at the clubhouse after the baby blessing.

Zac holding baby Wyatt. He is going to be a great help when our baby is born.

Kylee is probably going to rip our babies eyes out, but we still love her.