Sunday, December 21, 2008


We got about 5 inches or so of snow last week in Henderson. It was strange to see palm trees bending because they were weighed down with snow.

The kiddies made a snowman. Some parts of the valley got up to 8 inches. This was the worst snowstorm since the 70's.

Zac and Kylee loved it.

All the snow was gone in 2 days.

Another Train Ride to the North Pole

We went on another train to the North Pole (that makes 2 trips to the North Pole in one month).

This is the crew of tikes we took with us on the train. Total chaos.

We made a gingerbread house. What a masterpiece.

This is how Kylee kisses. With the tongue.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving. We spent all day at Mindy's (Ben's sister) on Thanksgiving. Ben's parents were there and Josh, Erin and Eliza and most of Mindy's family. We had a great time and ate a lot of good food. I don't have any pics becasue I guess I was too busy visiting and eating. We also spent most of the day on friday at Mindy's and then later that night we met my family in Salt Lake and went to Temple Square. We stayed in SLC that night and didn't get any sleep becasue there was construction going on in the building. On Saturday we shopped at the gateway for a while and then we met up with Josh and Erin and went over to help Ben's parents move their stuff into their apartment. Ben's dad is going to be getting some kind of stem cell treatment at the Huntsman cancer center in Salt Lake, so they will be staying there for probably a few months. Our prayers will be with you Carl. After leaving Salt Lake we drove to Heber City and met up with my family again to go on a Polar Express ride on the Heber Creeper. It was really cute. They sang christmas songs, read the Polar Express story and got to see Mrs. Clause and Santa Clause. Kylee really liked the bell that Santa gave her. It was so good to see both of our families. We really do have a lot to be thankful for.

Zac had a great time going to the "North Pole" He was happy to finally see Santa. Mrs. Clause came on the train first and Zac said "I want to see the boy one".

We sang the 12 days of christmas and Zac got to hold up the sign for 7 swans a swimming.

Of course Zac had to sit with his Nanny.

We ate at Claim Jumper before boarding the Polar Express.

Everyone in my family was there. It was really fun and Jordan (being sarcastic of coarse) informed my mom that he wanted to go on the Polar Express every year instead of going snowboarding.

Some of the lights at Temple Square. It's hard to capture how beautiful the lights really look.

Isn't the temple beautiful!

Kylee finally mastered going up and down the stairs. That's all she wanted to do at my mom's house and at Mindy's house.

Kylee, Eliza and Kyla. The fabulous threesome.

Zac singing "Book of Mormon Stories"