Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Adam is born!!!!

Adam John Volmer was born Sunday June 6th @ 3:42 p.m. He was 7lbs. 4oz. and 20in. Labor and delivery went very well and painless for the most part. We had a little scare during delivery because the cord was wrapped around the babies neck twice very tightly and there was also a knot in the cord. He came out pretty blue, but as soon as the doctor cut the cords off him he started to get some color. She kept saying that he was a very lucky baby and was glad that we decided to take him a week early. If the knot had been much tighter his life line would have been cut off, so we are very blessed and happy to have him here safe and healthy. So far he is a very calm baby.

Sporting his skinny legs.

Kylee is like the little mom. She is constantly wanting to hold him and help me change his diapers. She is a little disappointed that she can't feed him a bottle yet. As much as she loves him, she is also kinda rough around him and has thrown her share of tantrums since he's been born. I definently can't leave her unattended around the baby yet.

Zac is so happy to have a little brother. When Adam was first born he looked a lot like Zac. It'll be interesting to see if they will look much a like or not. Right after I took this picture Zac dropped the babies head and said "I think he just pooped mom". Good thing I was sitting right there to grab the baby.

This is what Kylee showed up in the day after Adam was born.

My mom was here to watch my kids while I was in labor. They even waited outside in the hall and got to come in the room just after the baby was born. She stayed here with us for a few days and now she has taken Zac and Kylee home with her. It's been kinda quiet around here today, but it will be nice to spend lots of one on one time with Adam and i'll get to take lots of naps.

I know i'm biased, but isn't he soooo cute???

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Overload of pictures (Feb-June)

My birthday was yesterday, so we celebrated by going to Lindo Micho Cahn. Then we had ice cream cookies with some friends at our house. Zac looks more excited about eating the dessert they brought me than singing to me.


Bonnie came with us to celebrate. She is pretty much part of the family.

I took Kylee and Zac to the Bounce U a while ago and they had a blast. Kylee can climb up the big slide all by herself now, which was nice because I was in no shape to carry her up to the top.

The Parsons (Sarah, Brad, William, Ben and Jane) moved in may, so we had a going away party at our house. I am still sad about it and miss Sarah so much.

Kylee, Andrew, Olivia, William, Zac and Ben

William and Zac playing safari

Sarah, Me and Teri. Our last girls night out together before Sarah moved. We ate at B.J.'s.

Kylee and Olivia can't keep their hands off baby Jane

We took the kids to the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. The dolphins jumped up out of the pools and did flips in the air and the kids loved it. They also had big white tigers. We had a good time, but I thought the place was kind of expensive and not very big.

I will always have black mail on Zac being caught in the act of wacking his sister in the head. She is usually the one doing the hitting, but obviously not always.

One of the dolphing pools. We never actually got a picture of the dolphins jumping out of the water.

Aren't they cute?
These tigers were huge

Had to get a shot of the pregnant belly. This was sometime at the end of march or beginning of april, so I was about 7 months along.

Someone is not a happy camper

I love this picture

We were in St. George for Easter. My mom went all out with dozens of plastic eggs to hunt for. At the end they each got a big prize. After that i'm sure they thought the actual easter bunny was chincy.

Zac's on the hunt

Kylee did pretty good finding eggs

Kylee got to sleep in the blow up bed with Zac while we were in St. George and she actually stayed in there and went to sleep. She is growing up so fast.

Zac has turned into a little climber

Kylee absolutely loves Olivia. She follows her around everywhere and does whatever she does.

Stuffing her mouth with cake

James Jones birthday party. There were lots of kids and lots of fun games.

Kylee also loves Josee and tries to hold her hand.

Zac's little preschool group went on a field trip to the Anderson Dairy. Zac really liked the talking animals inside and Kylee loved the ice cream at the end.

Kylee holding baby Wyatt.

Our friends Brant and Kristen and their little boy Izak came to visit us. The kids had lots of fun playing together and it was so good to see them and hang out for a while.

I remember always holding hands with my friends when I was little. Little girls are so funny.

It sure is nice when I can talk Zac into doing things like pushing Kylee on the swing, so I can sit on my lazy can.

We like to go the the Puccine park and go on walks through the tunnel and the kids yell to hear their echo.

Zac is looking for bugs and lizards. Whenever we go to the park he would rather look for bugs and treasures then play on the park equipment.

Little monkey

Hiking at Red rock. We have done this hike before, so we took the Parson's and Zastrow's in february. It was fun, but there were a lot of people there. There was a lot of water at the end and a little waterfall. Zac loves to hike, but Kylee was kinda burned out by the end. Ben ended up carrying her most of the way.

What a crew!