Sunday, May 25, 2008

Richland Trip

We decided to go to Richland to visit Ben's family instead of go to graduation. Ben finished law school on may 13th and graduated on the 17th. He didn't attend, but he will be getting a diploma. Now we just have to survive the next two months while he studies and takes the Bar at the end of July. I think i'll be going out of town a lot. Anyway we had a great time in Washington and Zac did not want to come home. I told him that he could stay with grandma and grandpa and he was excited. When I asked him if he would miss me he said, "No, I'll just call ya."
Zac grew a huge zit and kept saying "don't pop my zit, mom." Isn't it a beauty.

Zac, Eliza, and freaked out Kylee in the tub at Grandma's house.

We had a party at Dave's house for Ben's graduation from law school. It was suppose to be in honor of Ben but Zac stole the show kissing all the cousins on the cheek.
Any guesses on who won?
At least Ben won this game. Way to go. I'm sure it took a lot of skill.
Ladies Man. Watch out girls.
Kylee is almost as big as Dave.
Zac planted a big one on grandma.

Eliza might have been double Kylee's size when they were born but Kylee has sure caught up (not in development but at least in weight).

Just chillin at the pool.
Kylee attempting to sit up but her fat belly makes it difficult.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Happy Birthday to the best mom and nanny in the world from your crazy grandkids.

Sorry, but Kylee looks a little stoned.
We tried to get Zac to sing for you but this video is the best we could do.