Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zac Can Swim

Zac has learned to swim. He practices at least once a day and often 2 or 3 times. Kylee's not bad either.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Zac's preschool graduation

Zac had his little preschool graduation last wednesday. Stephanie Wickens made little caps for all the kids and they wore white shirts for their gowns. Zac wasn't too excited about this part, but we had a fun pool party after that he thoroughly enjoyed.

Kylee ripped the tassle off of Zac's hat before it even started. She has turned into a real pest these days.

Zac and his little friend Malakai. They play together a lot. The best is when they walk around my house saying "Tweet. Tweet." I think they got it from some cartoon or something.

The preschool group: Hailey, Cammen, Malakai, Kawai, Collin and Zac. There was another girl Chrissy in the group, but she wasn't at the graduation.

The famous graduation march.

They all had mats with their names on them. That is where they were supposed to sit during school, but whenever it was at my house the mats all ended up in a pile somewhere.

This picture is of Zac getting his diploma. Wow!

Kawai's mom made leigh's out of candy for all the kids to put around their necks. Zac had his half eaten before we even got home.

The graduation was at Laura Ann's house (Collin's mom) which is huge and the pool was really cool. Zac loved jumping off this rock wall. He is quite the dare devil.

Kylee is pretty daring in the water too. She is learning how to swim really well with her floaties on and she loves to jump in too.

My birthday!!!

Ben and I celebrated my birthday by ourselves on Saturday night. We ate lobster, clams, mussels and halibut at Kings Fish House (very yummy!) and then went to Angels and Demons the movie. It was a nice break from the kids. On my actual birthday, which was Monday, we took the kids to an italian restaurant called Bucca Di Beppo. It was pretty good food and the atmosphere was fun. I wonder if we will ever get a picture that looks good of the whole family.

Zac took these two pics. Teri and Jason and their kids Andrew and Olivia came to eat and celebrate with us. It was lots of fun.

The waiter made the whole restaurant sing happy birthday to me. I am pretty sure my face was bright red. If you look close at the picture in the background you can see a man with a huge pregnant looking belly. That really made me want to chow down.