Monday, October 27, 2008

Zac's bad day

When I got home from California Zac had acquired a hamster (thanks a lot mom!). He's actually kinda cute. Zac named him Sam and he loves to watch him run in his little treadmill at night. Sam sleeps all day and runs all night. There have been several times where Zac has fallen asleep with his head up by the hamster cage (it's right at the end of his bed).

Zac begs me to het Sam out. We try to hold him once a day, so he will get used to us. Ben or I hold him and Zac pets him. Well last thursday when I got Sam out everything was fine, but when we put him away I was taking some pictures and Zac tried to pet him in the cage. I didn't quite see what happened, but apparently the hampster bit Zac really hard. He cried and said "mom the hampster bit me way too hard". He said he was never going to pet Sam again, but that didn't last long becasue we had him out today and zac was totally petting him.

Zac was supposed to be taking a nap on my bed, but this is what he was doing instead. For some reason he took all of his clothes off. Oh actually you'll find out why in the next picture. FYI: Zac has pretty much ousted his naps and it's frustrating me to death. I need a little relaxation time in the day and so does he, not to mention that Kylee needs naps too and when Zac is awake the whole house is awake.

So I think Zac is sleeping in my room when all of a sudden he starts crying hysterically. I go running in there to find him totally naked sitting on the toilet with water spewing out everywhere. Apparently Zac tried wiping his self and used way too much toilet paper. All I could do was laugh. I'm not sure if Zac was terrified of the water coming out or of the thought of me getting mad at him. I had to use 12 towels to soak up all the water. After I got it cleaned up all Zac could talk about was how water just kept coming up out of the ground.

Getting bit by a hampster and flooding the toilet all in one day is not really suprising when the word Zac is involved.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ben found out on tuesday that he passed the Bar. All I can say is Halleluliah! We celebrated by going to Claim Jumper that night. Then on Saturday we went bowling with some friends and all of our kids. Then we got baby sitters and went to a fancy restaurant called Ruth's Chris. It was pretty expensive, but very good. Ben deserved a big celebration. Way to go babe. We are so proud of you.

Zac's first bowling trip

We went bowling on saturday with the Zastrow's and the Parson's. It was Zac's first time and he loved it. He had a hard time waiting for his turn though. A couple times when we weren't looking he grabbed a ball and rolled it down one of the lanes next to us. When our neighbor Bonnie asked him if he had fun bowling the first thing he said was "you have to take turns". I guess he learned a valuable life lesson.
William loved it too. Everytime he rolled the ball he would jump up and down and run and hug his mom.

Family posing at it's best
Zac and Andrew
Little kids bowling shoes are actually kinda cute. Zac wanted to wear his home.
By the way Kylee got her first tooth on saturday. The bottom left one. The right one will be here any day.
Zac got really excited when they brought this contraption out. I was tempted to use it myself because I was doing so awful.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I went to Wicked this last weekend with 2 of my best friends Teri and Sarah. We went to L.A. to see it and stayed at Teri's parents house. We left on Friday afternoon and got home late saturday night. It was so much fun and a good break from the kids. Wicked was soooo good and it was fun to get all dressed up and wear lots of makeup and act like crazy hyper girls. I didn't get any pictures of it, but on our way home we stopped in Primm and rode the huge roller coaster they have there. It was a good way to end the trip. I love hanging out with girls.
We barely made it to the theatre on time because of notorious L.A. traffic. Teri was driving like a maniac.
Teri, Me and Sarah at Teri's house. We had just finished getting all primped.
Sarah did our eye makeup and she did a great job. I wish she could do my makeup everyday.

We went to newport beach on saturday. It was a little windy, but the sky was so clear. It was beautiful and made me wish I lived right by the beach.

Outside of the Pantages Theatre. We couldn't take any pictures inside which was sad because that place was amazing.

Teri's mom came with us too. After the play her husband picked her up because we were going out on the town. We went to a lame club for about 5 minutes and then we drove home and talked until 3:30 in the morning. I haven't stayed up that late in a long time and I think i'm still trying to recover.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Park/Trip to Utah

I almost forgot to put this picture in. Ricci and Stacey came down to my mom's house and brought their boys. P.J., Cache, Zac and Caden. They had a lot of fun together. After they had been playing for a while Zac looked at me and said, "Mom there are lots of kids here today."

This picture is random, but Zac found his Halloween costume from last year and wanted to wear it the whole day. He even wanted me to paint his face and put freckles on him. He freaked out when I tried to do that to him last year. Then he kept saying "This is giving me a wedggie mom." Do you think that had anything to do with the fact that the outfit is about 3 inches too short?

Kylee is a little climber. She pulles herself up onto everything that she can. She has discovered stairs too and the whole time we were at my mom's house that's all she wanted to do. Of coarse she tries to go down them head first, so I can't let her out of my sight when i'm there. Olivia, Andrew and Zac. That car and airplane are a hit at the park. Sometimes when we go there that's all Zac wants to do.
What kid doesn't love the swings. I think that's one of her cutest smiles.
Zac can finally climb up the slides.

Caden and Zac playing together at the park in Spring City.
Zac's favorite snack is Jello. I think his was gone before Caden even took his first bite.
I think Caden loves Kylee more than Zac does.
Jamie, Kylee and Stacey. Stacey brought Caden down to play with Zac. It's always so good to see her when I go to my moms to visit. I really wish we lived closer to each other. I drug Jamie to the park with me so she could get a glimpse into the life of a mom with a 3 year old. Now that Kylee crawls our park trips are really interesting and really dirty.
I'm not sure if that picture is cute or scary.

I finally got some cute pics of Zac and Kylee playing at the park. Every time we go to the park I forget my camera. We also went up to utah this past weekend. Ben's parents flew in from Washington and were at his sister Mindy's house, so we were up there all day Saturday. It was really good to see them. All the girls went to Gardner Village in Salt Lake while the Boys were at the Priesthood session. It was decorated up so cute for Halloween. I stayed at my mom's house for a few extra days, so that was fun. It is so beautiful in Utah this time of year because all the leaves are changing. I didn't really get any good pictures of it though. Also, can I just say General Conference was soooo good. I can't wait to read all the talks too. I got to watch most of the sessions, but with two kids in the mix it's a little hard. I am so grateful to be a member of the LDS church. It's so nice to hear the words our Heavenly Father wants us to hear from the Prophet and all the Apostles and General Authorities. I know I need to be more willing to share my testimony with those who aren't members of the church. Growing up in Utah I never really felt like I had to because everyone was mormon, but it's a different story here in Nevada. Anyway we had a great weekend with all our family and friends.