Monday, September 5, 2011

Zac is oficially growing up. He started kindergarten last week and was not the least bit sad about going. He was very excited and I was too! I even let him ride the bus a couple times and that made me a little nervous, but he loved it and they take pretty good care of the kindergartners.

These are the kids in his class who are also in his primary class. Quite the group of boys.

Zac waited in line very patiently for the teacher to let him go out the gate.

Zac also lost his first tooth the same day he started kindergarten. Right after he got home he was eating lunch and the tooth just popped right out.

Ben caught this lizard at red rock canyon while we were gone. Zac has never been happier about a pet in his life!


We went to California and stayed in a beach house in San Clemente for 2 weeks. We hit a few theme parks, hung out at the beach a lot and ate lots of yummy food. Good times. Zac might have been most excited about this snail he caught.

Nanny gave Kylee her very own spa treatment. She was in heaven.

Nerd alert!

Adam and Wyatt were so worn out from all of our running around.

Hoola hooping at the sandiego wild animal park.

This Lion was hanging out on this jeep the whole time we were there. Doesn't kylee look happy?

Feeding the ducks. We had a massive pile of food. Adam loved looking at them, but he couldn't throw them food because he just tried to eat it.

Kylee rode on a mechanical elephant at the Irvine Spectrum.

Eating breakfast on the peir. Yummy!

Gotta love ma and pa!

Tea party at the beach house with kylee's new tea set.

Lego land was pretty cool. There were some amazing things built out of legos.

Zac found a worm on my back. Gross!

Too cute

This was built out of like 200,000 legos or something.

I think Wyatt was really excited to be in the tub with Adam and Kylee

We met up with Teri and Jason and their kids at Sea World. It was so fun to see them. Love you guys! And miss you tons.

Hanging out with elmo and abby!

Me and my little sis. Isn't she cute? And isn't the beach amazing?

We always get the cutest family photos ever. Haha!

Adam loved crawling around in the sand, but it gave him major diaper rash. The kid needs to start walking. Wyatt was obsessed with Adam's dump truck and played with it the whole time.

Kylee loved everything about the beach. The sand, the water and even going for rides on the boogie board with Ben.

Adam loves uncle Jared.

Zac didn't want to get in the water much because of sharks, but he loved hunting for treasures in the sand and looking for crabs. We actually caught a few, but let them go so they wouldn't die.

What a fun trip. Wish we could go back there every year!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adam turns 1!!!

Adam turned 1 on monday June 6th. I can't believe he is a year old already. He still doesn't know how to feed himself and when we stuck his hands in the cake to get him going he just looked at his hands and squealed. He loved it when I put cake in his mouth though. After a while he got smart and decided since he didn't know how to put the cake in his mouth that he would put his mouth in the cake.

I think Zac likes Adam's present as much or more than Adam does.

Olivia, Kylee and Andrew

Amber and Adam

Thanks to all of our friends who came over to celebrate with us. We had about 30 kids here and Adam didn't quite know how to take all the rucus, but it was fun and crazy just how a party should be.

Adam is now moving around. About a month ago he started army crawling, so maybe by the time he is 18 months he'll be walking. He has turned into quite the screamer too (I am blaming Zac for teaching him that) and he is a total momma's boy. We love you Adam and can't wait to see what kind of a todler you turn into.

Love this picture!

I made french toast for Adam's birthday breakfast. Zac and Kylee made the request for him and he loved it!

Last day of my 20's

This close up of me is the day I turned 30. It's a terrible picture, but the only one I got. Do I look any older??? Ben and I went out to dinner w/o kids and tried to go ride the big shot ride at the top of the stratosphere, but it was closed because it was too windy. I guess i'll be reliving my high school dare devil days at another time.

The night before I turned 30 was such a weird night. I just couldn't get over the fact that I was never going to be in my 20's again. I still can't get over it. I am starting to feel lots of aches and pains in my body though, so I guess I really am getting old. I had to go out with a bang, so that night I went to the temple; came home and ate a big bowl of ice cream and relaxed in the hot tub with Ben.