Friday, May 18, 2012

Lots of exciting events!!!

Kylee was in a hip hop class and they had a little dance recital.  She really had a good time!

We went to the Clark County Fair this year and the most exciting part was the mutton bustin.  We signed Zac and Kylee up to ride a sheep, but Kylee chickened out.  Zac surprised us all and got 3rd place, so he had to go back for the championship race.  He won about 30 bucks too and can't wait to do it again next year.

Zac hung on for dear life and did a little flip off the sheep at the end.  It was hilarious!  I seriously thought he would be the one to chicken out. A bunch of his friends were doing it though, so i'm sure that helped.  I posted a picture of all of them, but am not sure what happened to it.

Random pictures of the kids playing around at home.

Ben's new favorite place in the whole world.  The China Ranch date farm in death valley.  There are tons of date palms and even some cute old houses and trucks and things to go into.  We even had a date shake.

My first 5k ever.  Dawn and Alisa talked me into doing one and this one was a little intense to start out with, but I loved it and can't wait to do one again.  We ran up and down a lot of trails with 13 obstacles mixed in.

We had to jump into this at the end, which I wasn't all that thrilled about at first, but I was so hot that by the time I got there I couldn't wait.  I actually wish there would have been more water and mud.

You guys are awesome!