Friday, January 23, 2009

Big accomplishments!

Kylee learned how to walk about three weeks ago. Now that is all she wants to do. Yeah!!! It's so much better than crawling. Now she just needs to learn how to talk in a language that we can understand.

Zac has also finally learned how to pedal his bike and steer. He loves riding now, but gets scared if he goes too fast down hill. Sometimes he makes himself crash when he thinks he's going too fast. We have decided he needs to start wearing his helmet and knee pads.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Reverence Child

Today Zac was the reverence child in Sacrament Meeting. If you don't know what that is, it's where they have 2 kids come to church 5 minutes early and stand on the stand folding their arms. My Mom and I have been pumping him up for it all week because I was worried that when he got up there in front of all those people he wouldn't want to do it. Well he was so excited today and when we got to church he went right up to the stand, stood on his little stool and folded his arms. It was soooo cute. People would walk up to him and say hi or wave from the audience and he would just not or give a slight wave, but he wouldn't unfold his arms. He kept looking back at the Bishop (I guess he was wanting to be noticed). So here is the good part. The first counselor in our ward got up to announce Zac and thank him for being the reverence child. Then he told Zac he could go sit down, but he shook his head and said NO! I was sitting right in the front waving for him to come down, but he kept shaking his head and saying no. The Bishop tapped Zac and told him to go sit with us and again he said no. I was mortified at this point and walked up there to get him to come down, but he wouldn't and I didn't want to force him and make him freak out, so I left him up there. The whole audience was cracking up and finally during the opening song my mom went up and tried to bribe him with a car, which still didn't work. Then she told Zac that everyone needed to see the bishop and they couldn't see him if He stayed up there. I don't know why, but that's what did it. He finally came down. Needless to say Zac was pretty popular in church today because everyone was telling him how cute he was and how good he did. Anyway sorry for the novel, but I really want to remember this one. I was so proud of my little guy for being so good up there. I can't believe he is getting big enough to do stuff like that. I can't wait to see what he does when he has to give a talk or something.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merry Christmas

Zac and Kylee in their new Christmas church outfits. Zac is a sunbeam now, so he has to look sharp.

Santa brought a Wii to my mom's for Christmas and it was a big hit. Ben is begging for one now.

Kylee got a stroller and a doll. She loves the stroller becasue it helps her walk, but as you can see she's not sure what to do with the doll yet.

Zac got a Gorilla Mountain (which he loves) and more cars from the cars movie ofcoarse. Him and his Nanny have been making a list of all the ones he doesn't have. Between her (my mom) and Ben, Zac will probably own all of them someday (thousands of dollars later).

My mom gives all of the girls twinner jammies on Christmas Eve. She usually gets a pair too, but not this year. She used to do it for the boys too, but they all seem to be too cool for pj's, so instead they got little travel bags for their toilitries (sp?).

Mom, Dad and Grandma Roxey on Christmas morning.

Jenna gave Zac a race track and he was super excited. Colton and Ben set it up for him as soon as it was opened.

Kylee gets a telephone. She might as well start now.

We made ginger bread houses one day and Jared spent hours making a master piece. The one me, Jenna and Zac made was so awful I didn't even take a picture.

Haven't I said before all she needs is some wrapping paper to be totally happy.

Zac is supposed to be helping my mom and Jordan set up his mega blocks Ramone, but he looks a little distracted.

There was a ton of snow at my parents house this year. We had a blast sledding, jumping, making snow angels, 4-wheeling... If you can't tell that is Zac and Ben.

Colton attempted to snow board with the sled. He's lucky he didn't break his neck. A few days later Jordan and Jared actually did hook up their snow boards and get pulled. It looked like more work than fun to me, so I didn't try that.

Kylee absolutely loved being out in the snow. She could have spent hours out there and been as happy as ever. That was about the only time she was happy. She has been pretty grumpy lately. She is popping her front teeth, so i'm sure that's part of it, but I think she's also frustrated because she knows what she wants now, but she can't talk.

What a stud!

I love this picture.

We had a family party at my Grandma's house on the 20th. It was lots of fun. My grandma had all sorts of fun activities for us to do. The best was when my dad, Jordan and Colton acted like spiders. I didn't get a picture though because I was laughing too hard. Then my Mom and Jared and their group made up a hilarious song to Jingle Bells.

My cousin Brad has a little girl named Lizzy. She is 5 and so cute. Zac loved playing with her at the party.

What an angel.

She loved laying on the trampoling and getting bounced.

The seesaw.

Jared, Me, Jenna, Zac and Kylee. We are looking pretty good in our snow gear.

We had a wonderful Christmas at my parent's house. The whole family was there and we did a lot of eating, playing games (especially the Wii), more eating, talking, more eating and playing in the snow. We even attempted family pictures which is a chore when children are involved. I hope some of them turned out cute. Santa was good to us this year and our kids too. We also got to see Ben's parents for a few hours, which was nice. I love Christmas time because there is such a wonderful spirit in the air that you don't feel the rest of the year. Can you imagine how much better of a place this world would be if everyone was as giving and loving and kind as they are during the Christmas season. Our Savior is the reason we celebrate and sometimes that gets lost in the shuffle with all the gift giving. But that is really why we give gifts, to celebrate His birth. I hope that we can instill that into our kids at an early age. I am grateful for Christ and that he lived and died for us. I am grateful for my beliefs and knowledge of the gospel. I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!