Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a Boy

I don't think i've even announced on here that i'm pregnant, so here it is. I am 20 weeks a long and we just found out we are having another boy. Zac is very happy about that. He told me he was going to be mad if it was a girl. Kylee and I are about to be out numbered. Anyway, it has been a miserable few months for me which is really no surprise because I get super sick with all my pregnancies and it lasts forever. I am just now starting to feel a little better. Thanks to everyone who has helped us make it through, so far when I pretty much couldn't function. All the meals and taking care of my kids helped so much. Thanks to my mom for taking care of me and my kids for a few weeks and thanks to Ben for pretty much keeping our house from falling apart. I know I shouldn't complain because it is a blessing to be able to have children. I am grateful for the 2 little rug rats that I have and can't wait until the third one comes.


Kylee in her Christmas dress that Grandma Volmer gave her. She loves to twirl in it.

Ben and Zac go nerf guns that they both love to shoot.

Kylee's stash from Santa. Gotta love her hair do. Her favorite present of all was a purse and fake makeup/blowdryer, which she keeps inside the purse. She loves to pretend to do everyone's hair and makeup and nail polish.

Zac got a snake, lego pirate ship, dinosaur mountain and various other things. He was quite pleased even though he didn't get everything on his list (there were about 50 things on his list).

New boots and a lady bug night light.

Baby Wyatt. Jordan and Jamie had this little sweetie pie on December 12th. He is soooo cute.

Zac and Kylee did a little christmas puppet show for us. In the beginning they were Joseph and Mary and Wyatt was baby Jesus. Zac did all his parts really well, but Kylee didn't want to cooperate and she kept yelling, so we called her mad Mary.

Eating Christmas eve dinner with the family. We were in St. George this year with my whole family. It seemed kinda weird because it was 60 outside and sunny. I'm used to having snow for christmas. We had a nice time though.

Ben had a old micro machine set that he got out for Zac. He loved it as much as all the new stuff he got.

Every december we go to the cactus garden/ethel m chocolate factory to see the lights and get a piece of free chocolate. This was the only thing I did that was christmas related because i've been sick for 3 months. Ben pretty much did the christmas shopping and decorated our house by himself.

Zac's T-ball

Zac played T-ball this fall and had a great time. They practiced once a week and had games every saturday. They also got a trophie at the end which he likes to carry around every now and then.

Most of the dads helped out during practice and the games. Our main coach was Lenni (also one of the dads).