Friday, November 20, 2009

Kylee's 2nd birthday

Kylee turned 2 on November 8th. She had a little tinkerbell party with a few of our friends. She was so excited to have a tinkerbell party and open presents that she talked about it for days before and after the party. I can't believe our sweet little baby doll is already 2. Kylee is definently a girl because she loves clothes, shoes, makeup, purses and dolls. She is also very independent, so we hear "I do it myself" a lot around here. We love her and wouldn't trade her for the world.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 09

Zac was a googly eyed monster this year. He came up with the idea on his own and I wasn't complaining since I don't like spending a fortune on costumes.

Kylee was a Lady Bug and she really loved getting dressed up.

We had a ward Trunk-Or-Treat the night before Halloween and they got loads of candy.

On Halloween we had dinner at the Derrick's house with a bunch of friends and then all the kids trick-or-treated in their neighborhood. It was fun to see all the kids running up to the houses and then the look on the people's faces at how many kids there were. I think we cleaned out the neighborhood candy supplies.

Zac walked around swinging his sword and growling at everyone.

The day after Halloweed they had a dress up birthday party (for William) and I didn't want to paint Zac's face again, so we came up with something different.

Zac's Ocean Party!

Zac opening a present.

Kylee's favorite part was the cupcakes.

We had an ocean themed party and his cupcakes had starfish cookies on top of them.

There were 12 kids or more and it was wild.

Our pool was a little small for all these kids, but they loved it anyway.

I had a big bowl full of sand with seashells in it for the kids to dig through. They ended up spreading sand all over and getting it all wet. It made a huge mess.

They ate lunch outside on a blanket, so I could save my house from pure destruction.

Zac's real birthday party was at Disneyland, but he wanted to have an ocean party at home. At first I was just going to invite a few kids, but ended up inviting a whole bunch. They had a really good time though and Zac got lots of fun presents.

Colton and Ashley's Wedding

My brother Colton got married in August to Ashley and i've never posted it, so i'm doing it now. The wedding and reception turned out really nice. Zac actually enjoyed wearing his tux.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celebrating Grandpa Allen and Zac's birthday's Disneyland style!

Ben and Jordan body surfing at the Wedge.

Kylee loved the beach. She kept running straight for the water.

Zac actually wanted to be burried in the sand.

Kylee likes to do everything Zac does.

Zac is opening his birthday presents. Kylee didn't really mind that she wasn't getting anything until Zac opened up a pair of shoes. She is a true girl.

Blowing kisses.

Zac is showing Chip (or Dale???) his new Wall-e remote control toy.

Tigger is the only character that Kylee actually touched. She liked seeing them from a distance, but was terrafied if she got too close.

Tigger wanted the Wall-e toy too.

As you can see Kylee really was terrified.

I think Jenna liked seeing the characters the most. Jay must be eating something good!

Splash Mountain was one of Zac's favorite rides. He rode it 7 times. He rode almost all of the big rides (even Tower of Terror, which he didn't want to do again). In the picture is Jared, Zac, Nanny, Me and Ben.

We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company (which was really good, but we had to walk a mile to get there and we thought it was only 2 blocks) on My dad's actual birthday, so him and Zac got ice cream and of coarse Kylee wanted some too. Thanks Al for taking all of us out to dinner on YOUR Birthday. I'm sure that was a great present (haha!!!).

A Bugs land has a few cute little rides and there were no lines at all.

I think that is the stick bug from A Bug's Life.

My Dad and Jared outside of the Soaring over California ride.

Another birthday treat for Al and Zac. We got to eat free breakfast in the Hotel because they didn't get us in the right rooms and Reebs let them know about it. It pays to open your mouth sometimes.

Colton, Ashley, Mom, Zac, Jamie and Jordan waiting to be seated for breakfast.

We wore poor little Kylee out several times, but she still had a blast.

I needed a rest, so we sat on these Mickey benches for a while. Zac was a die hard and never complained much about needing to rest.

The famous Disney Castle, which we never get a good picture of. Ben and Kylee are standing a little too far away. My goal for next time we go to Disneyland is to get a good picture of our whole family in front of the Disney Castle.

Autopia was one of Zac's favorites last time we went to Disneyland, but this year he had bigger and better rides to do, so we only did this one once.

Inside of the Nemo-Submarine ride. This one is really cool.

This makes me want to go snorkeling again or maybe try scubba diving.

We got to see Mickey in his house. Zac was really excited about it, but Kylee wouldn't go near him.

The Disney Pixar parade is soooo cute.

This is right outside of splash mountain. Zac is crying because he did not want his picture taken at that particular moment. I told him everyone would think he was scared to go on the ride, but he didn't care.

The treasure at Tom Sawyer island.

Inside of Tom Sawyer's tree house.

Don't ask me what she is doing.

Kylee was pretty much hooked to my Mom's hip the entire trip. She wouldn't let anyone else hold her or push her in the stroller. We started calling her Nanny's Tumor. If you ask her what her new name is, she says "Tumor Nanny". I'm sure my mom's back is still sore from hucking Kylee all around Disneyland.

I'm glad Kylee decided to smile with me because Zac once again did not want to take a picture. What a typical boy.

This picture is typical of what the whole trip was like. Zac wanted Nanny to hold his monkey tail and Kylee had to be pushed by her. I wonder if Nanny will ever want to go to Disneyland with us again. The next time there might be a few more kids in the mix and she won't have enough hands for all of them. Everyone says it's her own fault because she spoils them rotten. We had a really fun time and it was great to have the whole family there.