Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oregon Coast Vacation

We went to the Oregan Coast (a little town called Tierra Del Mar) for Ben's family reunion. I think it's about the most beautiful place in the world. I was depressed to come home to the ugly desert of Las Vegas. It was so fun to see all of Ben's family and Zac had a blast playing with all of his cousins. We shared a cabin with Josh and Erin and their little baby Eliza. It was a little cramped, but we loved staying with them. It was good to spend a whole week with Ben without any stress of school and the Bar and work. I wish we could be on vacation forever. For anyone who has never gone to the oregan coast it is a must.

The fish hatchery on the columbil river.
This was taken at Ben's parents house. Becky's boys loved pushing her around in this little box.

Playing on tractors at the Blue Heron Cheese Factory in Tillamook.
Mindy gave Kylee, Eliza and Kyla twinner swim wear from Hawaii. It was never warm enought to actually use them, but we wanted a picture. I'm sad we didn't get one with Kyla too.

Zac and Ben feeding the fish at the fish hatchery.

Grandma Diane and Grandpa Carl. They have 10 kids, 42 grandkids and 1 great grandchild. Wow! They are amazing people and they have a wonderful family. I am so lucky to be a part of it.
Carl says Kylee looks like she swallowed an air hose.
We attempted to hike Cape lookout. It is a beautiful hike, but it's 5 miles round trip. Zac did good for about 1 and a half miles and then he burned out so we turned around. Ben ended up carrying Zac for some of the time, so I had to carry Kylee all the way back. We definently got our workout that day.

Beautiful day at the beach.

Outside of Moe's restaurant in Lincoln City.
Kylee, Kyla and Eliza are all within 3 months apart.
Kenton, Riley, Zac, Jace and James.
Ben and Zac caught a snake. Zac loved it and didn't want anyone else to hold it. All the boy cousins were totally captivated by it, so they went out and caught two more. We kept the snake in a bucket for a few days, but Ben let it go before we left. Zac was a little sad about that.
Most of the cousins.

Zac playing in the river on the Munson Falls hike.
Kylee decided to eat a leaf. Good thing it wasn't poisonous.
Zac trying to show grandma a bug.
There was no tub in the cabin, so Kylee got to baithe in the sink. It was actually perfect size and she loved it.
Outside of Moe's.

Eliza, Erin and Kylee. Eliza is much more moble, so she can pummel Kylee, but if Kylee gets a hold of Eliza's hair she can do some damage.
Scenic view on the way down to Cape Mears Lighthouse.
Munson Falls.
Luke, Cubby, Sam and Zac.

Zac got to go for a ride on Dave's crabbing boat. He even got to "drive" and he was very excited.

Kylee loves to pick up sand and drop it all over herself.
Zac climbed all the way to the top of the sand dunes by himself. Ben and Josh helped him run down.

We had a Sand Castle contest on the beach. Zac and I made England. Aren't we creative.
Some of the others building their sand castles.
Family night at Dave and Raquel's cabin.
Kylee loves to grab people faces. Leisha was the bearer of this face grabbing.
Ben helped Zac catch little crabs and this was one of the highlights of his trip.

Zac loves to run through sprinklers now.
We stopped at Multnoma falls on our way to the coast. It is so beautiful.

Perfect fit.
Zac is obsessed with bugs right now. Him and Ben went on a bug hunt every day while we were there and sometimes more than once. He found slugs, snails, rollie-polies and who knows what else. Too bad we couldn't bring all those creatures home with us.

Kylee, Kyla and Eliza

Zac actually sang for the crowd. Every family is supposed to do a talent act, so this was ours.