Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter weekend

We went to St. George for easter and had a really fun time. I guess Zac wanted to give Kylee a happy Easter kiss or something.

There is a new park close to my parents condo that is totally amazing. Jenna and I were re-living our childhood on this swing. Of coarse there were no swings quite this cool when I was a kid.

We went to some hill to throw the eggs down and Zac was in heaven. We also went on a little hike after and Zac found about 50 paint balls. Kylee was not too sure about the hike. She would only let my mom or Jenna hold her.

Zac is blowing bubbles and Kylee is trying to keep up with Molly (Jordan and Jamie's dog) on chewing up all the toys.

He's so proud of his creations.

Kylee can't decide if she wants to go in or out, so she goes out and comes in 2 seconds later. She does this in repeated intervals all the time.
I have to write about what Zac said when we were talking about why we celebrate easter. I ask Zac if he knows why we celebrate easter and he says "because that's when Jesus died and then was resurrected" Then I ask him what it means to be resurrected and he says "that's when your spirit comes back into your body" All this is stuff we have talked about many times, so i'm not surprised that he knows the answers. But then we start talking about how lots of people were so happy when they found out Jesus was resurrected and Zac pipes up and says "Well when Mary went to the tomb and Jesus wasn't there she says 'what have you done with him?'" I am guessing he learned this in his sunbeam class, so he really does get something out of going to church. I am affraid Zac is going to pass me up in a few short years. We had a wonderful Easter and are so grateful for the atonement and resurrection of our Savior.